cutters logoCutters Brewing Co. was founded in late 2010 and gained government approval to operate in May of 2011. We started as a small nano-brewery located in Bloomington, IN and recently moved to Avon, IN in November 2012. Our new brewing facility houses a 30 bbl brew house and enough fermentation capacity to produce up to 21,000 barrels of beer yearly.

The expansion allows us to be able to distribute our Hard Working Beer all over the Hoosier, Ohio & Illinois state with the same commitment and dedication we have shown in Bloomington.

Cutters is owned and operated by long time friends and accomplished homebrewers Monte Speicher and Chris Inman. With their spouses Amanda Speicher, Emma Inman and few others to chisel out the Cutters Crew, we are proud to say we hand craft and package exceptional beers for Hard Working Hoosiers just like you.